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My Brewing Process, Updated

Back in January I posted a brief overview of how I brew. Well, January was almost six months ago and several things have changed. Brewing commercially every week at Habits Gastropub has prompted me to rethink some things and really … Continue reading

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My Brewing System and Process

Everyone brews differently. Everyone has little things they could do better and little tricks that other people haven’t seen before. The best way to learn about these, I’ve found, is actually just watching someone else brew. But since that’s sometime … Continue reading

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2014, A Year in Upalong Homebrewing

I started brewing in 2010 which makes 2015 my five year anniversary, so really wanted to make 2014 a big year for my brewing. I spent more time brewing in 2014 than any other year of my life. I produced … Continue reading

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Results of the GCHC

I recently submitted six beers to the Great Canadian Homebrew Competition (put off by Canadian Amateur Brewers Association), which is mostly Ontario-based. I submitted Funk Island (Brett American Pale Ale), Vespers (Belgian Dubbel), Amherst Rock (Imperial Stout), John Barleycorn Must … Continue reading

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Trying to Keep Up!

Wow. It’s been a busy winter for homebrewing. I can’t seem to keep my blogging up to pace with my brewing! My last post talked about my Porter and Lauds, but since then I’ve brewed a table beer, a sour … Continue reading

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Two Re-brews, Pepperrell Porter and Lauds

Two of my favourite beers from last year were my Porter and my “Chardonnay aged” rye-saison and since one of my resolutions this year was to dial in a few of my recipes I decided to make my first two … Continue reading

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What Happens in a Mash?

Often, when talking about homebrew with folks who are either new to the hobby or who just drink beer, explaining malts and the mashing process is often the hardest part. In this post, I want to try to explain the … Continue reading

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