up·a·long [uhp-uh-lawng, -long]

adjective, adverb Newfoundland.
of or on the Canadian mainland, exclusive of Labrador.

Upalong Brewing is a homebrew project by a Newfoundlander in Toronto. “Upalong” is Newfoundland English for “on the mainland.” I want to design beers that put a bit of a Newfoundland spin on the wonderful craft beer culture that I’m obsessed with up here on the mainland.

My goal is to make the beer that I want to drink and to improve on both the design and the technical aspects of my brewing. This is a learning experience, so follow along as I try to better my appreciation of the craft of brewing and make some decent beer inspired from upalong.

Follow Upalong on Twitter @upalongbrewing, or me personally @groulxsome. Oh, and don’t forget about Newfoundland Beer History!


Stylized Newfoundland Logo borrowed from the map used above “Le Canada ou Nouvelle France” by Nicolas Sanson (1660). Stylized by Melanie Cooke.