Results of the GCHC

I recently submitted six beers to the Great Canadian Homebrew Competition (put off by Canadian Amateur Brewers Association), which is mostly Ontario-based.

I submitted Funk Island (Brett American Pale Ale), Vespers (Belgian Dubbel), Amherst Rock (Imperial Stout), John Barleycorn Must Die (English Barleywine), Pepperrell Porter (Robust Porter), and Lauds (American Rye Saison aged on Chardonnay Oak). Anyway, I won some awards! There were 22 categories (abridged BJCP, including cider and mead) awarded and I got to the top of three! Pretty happy and looking forward to getting my score sheets to improve the beers.

10. Stout
1st Place – Imperial Stout (13F) ‘Amherst Rock’

15. Dubbel
1st Place – Belgian Dubbel (18B) ‘Vespers’ (A bottle of this was at a NL quad tasting recently!)

19. Smoke-Flavored & Wood-Aged Beer
1st Place – Wood Aged Beer (22C) ‘Lauds’ (American Rye-Saison aged on Chardonnay Oak)


BOS Best of Show
3rd Place – Belgian Dubbel (14B) ‘Vespers’



Best in show was a Raspberry Berliner by David Scannell & Sara Tapal (of Toronto), second was a Pilsner (“Jaromier Lager Czech Pilsner” by Mike Handry and Blake Anderson). The winner gets to brew their beer on a production scale with Beau’s, which I hope Beau’s keeps to and ends up brewing a production Berliner, it’s long overdue in Ontario!

Congrats to everyone who entered!

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