Foolish Gommel – A Zombie Dust-ish Pale Ale

I have to bottle tonight (Amherst Imperial Stout + Sea Gull Dreams Mild… the imperial stout is tasting great – very Tempest-ish), so I’m going to throw together a quick beer to keep me company. I’ve had a giant 4 oz bag (pillow?) of whole Citra flowers forever (I ordered them assuming they’d be 4 individually packaged oz) that I’ve been hesitant to open and half a pack of S-04 from the mild, so I’m going to brew something like this Zombie Dust clone.

Just doing 10L of it. I cannot seem to brew with citra without huge grassy flavours, so this is my attempt at redemption!

First Wort Hops

First Wort Hops

It’s only a 10L batch and since I’m still getting used to my grain-mill I’m imagining pretty low efficiency. The recipe I found is great because it pretty much perfectly uses up some extra pre-mill grain I’ve had (Munich, Melanoidin, and Crystal) kicking around, the open pack of S-04 yeast, and these Citra hops that have been hogging up my freezer for a couple of months. Win-win! Here’s the basics:

10L batch. OG = 1.065. IBU = 60. ABV = 6.3%.

Mash at 67C (8L @ 74C) for 60 minutes
Batch Sparge with 11.5L @ 76C
2.5kg Pale Malt 82%
0.25kg Munich Malt 8%
0.10kg Carapils 3%
0.10kg Crystal 40 3%
0.10kg Melonoiden 3%

Boil 60 mins
10g Citra First Wort
15g Citra 15 mins
15g Citra 10 mins
15g Citra 5 mins
15g Citra 0 mins
45g Citra Dry Hop (5-7 Days)

Pitch 0.5 S-04

The Mash

The Mash

Everything went pretty smoothly. I ended up only hitting 1.063, which is fine for an American Pale Ale anyway. Looks like I got the 10L volume I was aiming for, though with 45g of dry hops, I expect far less final beer. As long as I get a few bottles and it doesn’t taste like a grassy mess, I’ll be happy. If not, another less-successful Citra beer from me!

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