The 2014 Brew Plan

I just made a massive run to the home-brew shop to pick up a 25kg sack of 2-row. Since I have to mail order usually (which can cost up to $10 a batch!) and this time my friend offered to drive, I picked up enough supplies to give me leeway when further designing some of my brewing ideas. Ended up with about 85lbs of grain and 1.5 lbs of hops! Here are some of the ideas that I’m working to refine based upon what I picked up today.

A Christmas Gift!

A Christmas Gift!

Pepperrel Porter (15L) – American Porter
I’m brewing this one without any major changes from the last batch (Jan, 2013). Trying to see how closely I can repeat a recipe, but I’m really just brewing it because I wanted to drink more. I brewed this on January 12th last year, so I’m aiming to rebrew this January 12th (a Sunday) again this year.

Lauds (15L) – Oaked American Rye Saison
Again, re-brewing because I actually want more. With the oak aging variance, I’m hoping that I can make the same beer exactly without any differences.

None (15L) – Table Beer
Aiming for a 3-4% ABV “table beer” (the beer that the monks would drink) using mostly traditional hops and Westmalle yeast. I’m using two-row (ideally I’d use pilsner) just because I just picked up a 25 kg sack. It’s called “None” to go with the my Canonical Hours series of Lauds (morning) and Vespers (evening). None is the noon hour beer, fitting for a table beer.

Brett Pale Ale (15L) – 100% Brett Pale Ale
Lots of hops and Brettanomyces Claussenii (WLP645) for that pineapple chewy note and some tropical fruit character. Hopping with Centennial/Columbus/Simcoe. Bret Brux Trois was my planned yeast, but the LHBS – which had every other strain whitelabs and wyeast made – was out of that one. This might have more fruity character than that, so it’ll be fun regardless.

Sour Mash (5L) – Sour Ale
Based on Basic Brewing’s sour mashing technique (, this is going to have up to 50% of the mash soured for 3 days. Then just a 15 minute boil and some light hopping before fermenting out with US-05. Since it’s sour mashed and boiled before fermenting in any of my equipment, there is no risk of contamination to my main stuff.

Greg Stout (5L) – Forgien Extra Stout
A small-batch of a simple stout I’m planning on brewing with a friend who’s just leaning about the hobby. Based on Hopfinstark’s beer Greg. (His name is Greg).

Hop Experiments (~5L + ~5L) – Single Hop Pale Ales
I’ve got lots of hops and I’m hoping to build up my simple SMASHs recipe into a more simple single hop recipe with some new accent malts (like Bellwoods’ Monogamy). I might size these up, depending on how much hop I want to use in the batch. (I’ve got 4 oz of Citra flowers kicking around, so maybe 4 oz in 7L?)

English Bitter (5L)
I have an open pack of S-04. I’m just going to brew something to use the other half. I’ve got some EKG and some victory malt lined up.

Gluten Free Pale Ale (5L)
Exploring a new thing all together with some [url=””%5Dsorghum syrup[/url], oats, and toasted oats along with a bunch of hops (similar hopping to my Brett Pale Ale – Centennial/Columbus/Simcoe). I don’t really care if this is very good, I just want to see what I can do with gluten free beer.

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