Brewing the NewfoundLambic

The NewfoundLambic Project is my first attempt at a long-termed soured beer. I’m trying out White Labs Belgian Sour Mix 1.

Here are the basic vitals:

Mash 11L at 148F for 60 minutes
6 lbs 2-Row (or a Belgian-ish pale pilsner malt) – ~65%
3.5 lbs Wheat Malt – ~35%

Two step batch sparge (15 minutes each) 6L and 13L at 168F.

Boil 75 minutes. At 60 minutes add 18g Saaz (or other nobel hop).

OG: 1.048, 5 gallons.

photo 1

Going to pitch a vial of White Labs Belgian Sour Mix I and then pop it in a closet in my parents house in Newfoundland for around a year (or until I’m home again). Might pitch in some dregs of any other lambics I drink along the way to introduce some other bugs into the mix. I’ll bottle it after a year if its tasting good and let it bottle condition for another couple years after that.

Update: December 27, 2013. Home for Christmas, so I got a chance to look at the beer. The beer is still aging well and has some veiny pelical growing nicely on top.

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